Book Review: Dangerous Games

*I was sent this book, Dangerous Games,  free of charge so I could read it and create this review.  All opinions are my own.*


Full disclosure: I had to read this book twice, in order to write a review.  Neither the plot, nor the characters were especially memorable.  I hate saying that, because I know writers work very hard, but this book needed a little more attention before it went out to print – just my opinion!

Dangerous Games


Brief Synopsis

Dangerous Games, by Jay Hanson, is a cop/mystery story.  Two police detectives are racing against time to stop a mysterious bomber.  A few twists and turns, and a few exploded bombs, lead them to the killer.

There is a bit of a sub plot which connects some of the characters to others, but it’s not well developed.  As a result the story gets confusing, and I had to do some backtracking to figure out who they are talking about, or how that character was connected.  


Overall impressions

Dangerous Games was an easy read.  It held my attention and I enjoyed it, however there were a lot of verb tense shifts.  Those drive me crazy when I’m reading.  There were also a lot of unclear plot jumps.  I think overall the story needed a few more reads/edits before publication. 

The story was interesting, but I was lost in the characters, and the relationships between barely mentioned people and high profile characters (ie the bad guy) could have been fleshed out more, or disposed of entirely.

Dangerous Games Book ReviewThe characters were not multi-dimensional, though they were likeable.  Because both the main characters had a similar name (Marc and Max) I did get them confused often and had to re-read sentences to straighten myself out.

As a mystery/crime story the plot was awkward.  I didn’t really follow the Why’s of it all.  The resolution is satisfactory, and they set it up for more books with the same characters, but I’m not running out to find the next book in the series.



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