Book Review – A Gleam of Light

*I was provided with this book, A Gleam of Light, free of charge so I could read it and create this review.  All opinions are my own.*

A Gleam of Light - A Book ReviewA Gleam of Light is a sci-fi mystery story.  The authors T.J. and M.L. Wolf put together an interesting novel.  It’s the story of a young aboriginal woman who must return to the reservation where she grew up to help the community save their traditional way of life.

When Una moved away from the reservation with her family, the flight she left on encountered something otherworldly.  She and the other passengers were never given an adequate explanation.  Then a plea for help brings her home to the traditional life she left behind.

The Sacred Peaks of her home are suddenly of interest to the US Army, and the local folks are up in arms.  They reach out to Una to return home and help them protect the ancient site from the hands of the US Government.  She feels the pull of her homeland and returns to confront her past, only to discover there is a lot more going on than a random government mission.

The writing of this novel is quite good.  There are some areas where it is not clear who is speaking, or of whom the author is writing.  It did take me some time to really get immersed in the story, as I was unsure what importance the introduction had to the rest of the novel.  It’s another example of a good story with a weak beginning.  Once you get to the meat of the story the flow really improves.

If you like quick sci-fi stories, I’d recommend A Gleam of Light.  You can purchase it on Amazon.


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