Book Review: Intent by Krista Wagner

Intent by Krista Wagner

I just finished reading Intent by Krista Wagner.  It’s a mystery, whodunit-style story about a small town girl who feels her life has no purpose.  She gets embroiled in a weird situation with her high school crush, and her life changes dramatically.

Oops!  Almost forgot my little disclaimer!  Here is it: *I was sent this book free of charge so I could read it and create this review*  Better late than never, right?  On with the review.

I recently read another book by Krista Wagner: Rian Field.  The writing styles are similar, but I enjoyed this book more.  I’m not even sure why – perhaps the plot was just easier to follow.

Raylee, the heroine (for lack of a better word) of this book, is a very relateable character.  She felt like she didn’t belong anywhere in high school, and she had a huge crush on “Mr. Popular.”  I’m sure many of us were like her in our younger days.  It’s an interesting approach, using her past as the basis for what happens in this book.

Intent by Krista Wagner - Book ReviewI don’t want to reveal any spoilers, so I’ll just say there’s good suspense in this novel.  The story does follow a pretty logical path – I figured out who did it quite early on.  But the process of Raylee uncovering all the clues is well done.  There were a few formatting errors through the book but no actual spelling or grammar errors.  Also the chapters were short enough that I could read the book in short spurts of time (between all the other things I try to get done in a day!)

I would recommend Intent by Krista Wagner to anyone who enjoys an easy-to-read mystery story.  It’s fairly short, there aren’t a ton of characters to get confused with, and it has a satisfying resolution.  Give it a read!


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