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Looking For

*I was sent this book, Looking For, free of charge so I could read it and create this review*

Looking For is a book that I would never have chosen to read on my own.  It’s a series of “looking for” ad-style stories.  They are glimpses into the lives of strangers who are confessing what they’re after in the world of love, sex, dating and friendships.  The author, Lindsay C. Lightfoot, is hoping to use this book during workshops and as a therapy type healing book.

I didn’t especially enjoy reading the book, but the confessions were quite diverse.  There were interesting lifestyles explored in the book.  There is some explicit sexual content, and a lot of suggestive and descriptive thoughts.  After each confession there is a healing prayer to send to the character (and for you, the reader), as well as a closing prayer at the end of the book.

As this is not my usual book choice I’m having a bit of a rough time creating a review.  I won’t pick this book up again to read it, but I do see it’s merit for exploring human sexuality and diversity.  It would be a useful tool in sessions or seminars as the author also includes discussion questions at the end of each person’s “looking for” confession.  The questions help you think more deeply about the confession and where the people are coming from, or why they are “looking for” these specific ideals.

Looking For By Linsday C Lightfoot - Book ReviewThe writing is very well done – it was easy to read and the prose seemed to have no errors.  That’s always nice to come across.  If Lindsay C. Lightfoot were to author another book that was more of a novel-style work I would look into reading it, I think.  Of course it still depends on the content!

My next read will be a fiction novel.  And I may be more selective when agreeing to review books in the future!


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