Book Review – The Dragon’s Glare

*I was provided with this book, The Dragon’s Glare, free of charge so I could read it and create this review.  All opinions are my own.*
The Dragon's Glare

The Dragon’s Glare is Book Two in the Survival Trilogy by T.J. & M.L. Wolf. This book follows A Gleam of Light, and it’s main character, Una Waters, becomes embroiled in further supernatural happenings, this time in New York City.

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Many strange and unexplained events take place in this novel. Una experiences a period of missing time, which is barely the beginning of a cascade of unusual events and sightings.

In the first book we meet Una as she is drawn home because of a mysterious pull her home mountain range seems to have on her. After resolving many issues at home with her people, Una then returns to DC to continue living her life.

The Dragon’s Glare continues in the theme of a pull, or sensation Una continues to experience, leading her to some characters and situations not usually experienced in the “normal” world. We find many characters returning to the fold of this story, even though it seemed Una may never see them again.

I won’t give anything away in the plot, but it ends leaving you feeling like you have to go find the next book in the series to get some closure.

Book Review The Dragon's Glare

As far as writing and style, this book is readable. Often the plot shift from character to character is not smooth. I didn’t realize we had moved from one person to another until dialog occurred. For me it interfered with the flow of the narrative.

The story, being the second in a series, did not reintroduce characters very well. Background was lost because I did not read these books one after another. A little more character development, or perhaps using flashbacks to previous storylines, would have been beneficial for this story.

Overall, a decent read. Fantasy and sci-fi are my favourite genres to read, but this story hovered somewhere between the two and didn’t satisfy me as a reader. Perhaps the third installment will tie up all the loose ends and give me a concrete conclusion.

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  1. This sounds like an interesting book. Fantasy is my favourite genre and I am always looking for new authors. I would prefer it though if there were title headers to tell you whose POV you were reading, I can see how it gets confusing #mmbc

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