Book Review: The Guardian

*I was given this book – The Guardian (Chronicles of Dover’s Amalgam) – free of charge so I could read it and create this review.  All opinions are my own.*

I would like to begin this review by saying this is one of the best books I have read (my opinion, of course) of all the books I have received to review thus far.  Elizabetta Holcomb has created a very interesting world by combining a modern young lady with a 1600s duke and having a sweet love story blossom through the craziness of time travel.

The GuardianThe Guardian is the first in what I’m assuming will be a series of stories about Elizabet and Jareth.  The romanticism is lovely (and not over done), but the 1600s also require swords and some bloodshed.  I feel even the violence is wonderfully depicted and not too gory or frightening.

Time travel can quickly turn a good plotline into mass confusion, but that doesn’t happen in this book.  Luckily they don’t over analyze the time streams, or even talk about why they don’t see themselves when they jump back and forth in time.  Now that I think on it I feel there could have been more worry about seeing themselves in the time stream (that’s a bad thing, right?) but the story is written well so you don’t even think about that stuff while you’re reading.

I truly can’t wait to read more of these chronicles.  The Guardian really sets the stage for Jareth and Elizabet to continue their story, and their good deeds, through time.  You get a glimpse of their future selves a few times through this book and it really leaves you wanting to read more.

This book is a great read for anyone who enjoys a bit of any genre.  Romance, fantasy, sci-fi, period fiction; all these elements are present in The Guardian.  If the rest of the Chronicles of Dover’s Amalgam follow along like I think they should, this will be a wonderful collection of stories.


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