Book Review: The Project by Johnny Moscato

*I was sent this book, The Project, free of charge so I could read it and create this review*

Today’s book review is a good one.  Meaning the book was a good one.  And, I guess, my review will be good as well, since I enjoyed the book The Project by Johnny Moscato.

The ProjectThis review came about through a message on my Facebook page.  It’s the one (and only) real message I’ve received through my FB page.  Kinda neat someone approached me that way.  But anyway, on to the book review!

The Project is the story of Earth, slightly in the future.  There was a global earthquake, disrupting power and communication lines around the world.  A society takes advantage of the disarray to create a utopian world on an island “newly created” by the earthquake.  But all is not quite as it seems.

On Adrianna, as the island nation is called, no one uses money, they have a cure for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, and everyone is very content.  How is this possible?  Do they really provide free food and electricity without pollution?  And what can this mean for the rest of the world?  This book explores the relationship between the Leafer society (the people on Adrianna) and the American way of living – including the rich getting richer.

I don’t like to give spoilers, but the conflict in this story is a war.  Not really surprising, based on the idea that Adrianna has the ability to cause a collapse of the global economy.  Not all the world’s leaders would be happy by that outcome.

The Project by Johnny Moscato - Book ReviewThis story is kind of sci-fi/fantasy, but also with elements of utopian society, human greed and ignorance.  I really liked the conflict being between the American capitalism-style society and an environmentally secure, no-money-required Leafer society.

The writing was great – very few errors in the layout and editing of this story.  I think this is a book I will pass on for others to read – I really enjoyed it that much!


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