Book Review: The Reflections of Queen Snow White

*I was provided with this book, The Reflections of Queen Snow White , for free so I could read it and create this review.  All opinions are my own.*

The Reflections of Queen Snow WhiteThis is a story that happens after the “happily ever after”.

Snow White has long been married to her Prince Charming, and they have a daughter.  This story begins when Princess Raven is busy planning her wedding.  Snow White is feeling quite overwhelmed, being the sole regent in her realm after her husband has passed away.

After a particularly harrowing day in the throne room, Snow White escapes to the solitude of a rarely visited room in her castle.  This particular room belonged to her step-mother many years ago.  It’s here Snow White stumbles upon the Magic Mirror.

The mirror then reveals the reflections of queen Snow White.  She is absorbed in the many things the mirror reveals to her.  There are many demons in her past, but facing her past may help Snow White come to terms with her present – and her future.

The Reflections of Queen Snow White - A Book Review

The Reflections of Queen Snow White is a well written story.  Not too long, good prose, and a great play on the future life of Snow White.  It resonated with me pleasantly because my daughters are of the age to enjoy the Ever After High and Descendants style stories.  (Those are stories/shows and Barbie style dolls designed as the children of the fairy tale characters.)

Often when I read indie authors I find many errors in spelling, grammar and sentence structure.  This book was a pleasant deviation from that stress.  The writing read smoothly, and I was not distracted by any jarring editorial errors.  I really enjoy a well written novel.

I will be interested to read more from David Meredith in the future!


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