Book Review: The Sacrifice

*I was provided this book, The Sacrifice, free of charge so I could read it and create this review.  All opinions are my own.*

The SacrificeThe Sacrifice is the first volume of short stories by Indrajit Garai.  Indrajit lives in France and this book is his first work of fiction.  This book has 3 stories in it’s 216 pages.  I fairly flew through this book in less than a week.  

As you can imagine each story revolves around a personal sacrifice of some sort.  Each story is well laid out and easy to follow.  You definitely feel for the characters and their struggles.

There were a few times during my reading that I found the flow of the story had some stumbling points.  Just a bit of rough language, or an unclear sentence here or there.  It really didn’t detract from the story, but in my picky reading style I did find those few errors.

I really don’t want to give up the plots of these short stories.  As far as “short stories” go these stories are actually quite long.  Each one runs about 70 pages, which I like because I really love getting to know the characters.  I don’t often read short stories for that reason, but this book really held my attention.

I sincerely hope Indrajit continues writing and hones his craft just a bit.  I’d love to read another volume of stories he’s written.  I think has great promise as a writer!


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