The Urban Boys – Discovery of the Five Senses by K.N. Smith

*I was sent this book for free so I could read it and create this review*

The Urban Boys Book ReviewThis book had a really interesting storyline.  It’s a sci-fi- events repeating themselves through history- type story.  I believe it’s written as young adult fiction.  Five teenage boys (The Urban Boys) stumble towards a greater power that imbues heightened senses upon them.  They then use those heightened senses to fight an evil in a neighbouring town.

As the story progresses we find out that one young man’s mother was part of another group who had stumbled upon this same power years before.  The evil they are fighting was another person in his mother’s group of friends.  Of course this close-knit group of boys start to have their own “will we split up?” moments as the demands on them become more heavy throughout the story.  Will history repeat, or will the boys stick together and defeat this evil?

While the story did compel me to keep reading, the quality of the writing was not up to my standards.  Often sentences were convoluted or run-on.  The descriptive prose did lend good imagery, but by times it was too wordy.  A shorter description would have sufficed and saved the author some run-on thoughts and sentences.

I would be interested to read the next instalment in this series.  In my experience, authors get better over time.  Perhaps that’s the case with K.N. Smith.  I think another run past an editor would benefit this story greatly.  It’s not even grammar issues, just awkward wording and sentence structure.  I know that’s a tough thing to edit in a story, but it would just elevate her writing to the next level.

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