Book Review: Walk-In Investigations

*I was provided with this book, Walk-In Investigations, free of charge so I could read it and create this review.  All opinions are my own.*

Walk-In Investigations by Joyce Kostakis is a detective mystery.  But it’s also a story about parallel worlds and alternate selves.  The combination of the two makes for an okay story, but it wasn’t my favourite.

Walk-In InvestigationsThe main character, Katie, starts this story off trying to take her own life.  As a result of her near death experience she becomes open to the parallel worlds concept.  She even meets her alternate world double.  This is all very strange and interesting, and p-Kate (as she calls her alternate world self) assists her in solving the current homicide.

Obviously we are taken through the entire investigation in this novel.  But we’re also taken on somewhat of an alternate universe journey.  I felt like the novel lost direction a bit in the middle.  There needed to be so much explanation around the parallel worlds and alternate selves that the detective aspect got a bit lost.   It does re-focus towards the end but I started losing interest in the middle.

I’m never one to quit a book before the resolution (sometimes greatly to my detriment – time wise!) so I plodded through this story and it did get better at the end.  Loose ends tied up and it was actually left with an opportunity to follow the characters further.  Katie becomes a medium of sort for the alternate universe folks, and hopes to use them to help solve crimes going forward.  She and her friend plan to open a Private Detective agency called Walk-In Investigations!

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