Create Fabulous Web Graphics With Visme

Create Beautiful Graphics With Visme
*I was given a free trial subscription from Visme for their premium services in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.*

Do you create images or graphics for your blog or business?  I know I spend a fair amount of time designing blog title images and Pinterest pins.  So when there’s a new program out there to make images quickly and easily I love to check them out.

Visme is a free platform for creating all sorts of images and presentations.  They are continuously making changes and improvements to their platform, so my review can only speak to the product the way it was when I tried it out (Spring 2018).


Image Types:

Create Fabulous Web Graphics With VismeI created the title image for this post in about 15 minutes, after I decided on a template.  There are a decent selection of fonts available inside Visme, and, of course, every colour there is.  The blog title images don’t quite fit my particular theme’s featured image, but I know they cut off both sides, so it’s easy to create an image that will fit.


There are no templates yet for Pinterest pins, but you can choose your size of a blank document and make whatever style of pin you would like.  I work better with templates, personally, but after I have a few styles created my pin creating gets much faster!


In my blog life I do not make infographics.  I have never made one, and it seems unlikely, after 3 years writing blog posts, that I am going to start designing them now.  But “never say never.”  So I did play around with the infographic capabilities in Visme.


Here’s my infographic

I created it in about half an hour, with no previous experience, and without watching any tutorials or anything. (It almost begs for a blog post of it’s own, doesn’t it?)

Anatomy of a Blog Post

The logos at the bottom are supposed to be clickable links to my profiles, but I haven’t mastered how to keep those as links in an image…if you know, please share in the comments!


I also used Visme to make an invitation to my daughter’s birthday party.  I grabbed a photo of her, and used a Flyer template and changed the image and words to say what I wanted.  That was a pretty quick job.  I only have a black and white printer at home, but the greyscale worked out just fine.  So if you have an idea in mind, using the templates and literally just swapping out an image and adding or changing the text can be pretty quick and easy.


If you’re looking for a way to display graphs or charts, Visme can do that for you too.  There are a bunch of templates to get you started, or you can make your own from scratch.  I didn’t explore this option, but it looks like you can make both static and dynamic illustrations for your data.  Might be useful for presentations and school projects – my girls aren’t quite there yet at school, but I can see the future uses here.


Account Levels:

For my review I was given full access to all the available assets inside Visme.  There are 3 levels to the accounts.  There is a free account, then Standard and Complete.  I’m not really sure what parts I used for my images that I may not have access to if I was on the free level.  I know there is more storage, and you can have more projects on the go (though I’m not sure what constitutes a “project.”)  I’m sure the free level would give you a good idea of whether you like the program or not, before you pay for the more premium features.


In conclusion:

Visme is not my favourite program for creating graphics for my blog.  But I think where it will stand out is in creating infographics and charts and graphs for presentations.

Using the templates is a great time-saver, especially for less creative types like myself.  I whipped up the invitation for my daughters’s birthday in about 10 minutes (once I had found a photo I wanted to use.) Once you’ve done one or two, you get a feel for where the text options are (font, colour, size, etc.) and also how to move and edit the images.

As with any new program, there’s a learning curve.  Fortunately Visme has a collection of videos you can watch to help you get more familiar with the program.  And using is usually the best way to figure these things out, at least in my opinion!


Have you used Visme before?  What kind of images do you routinely make online?  Share your experiences in the comments!



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