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Winter is the perfect time to slow down and enjoy some of the finer things in life (preferably indoors, if you live in a northern climate.) And what better way to celebrate the colder season than brewing a hot beverage to enjoy under a blanket with a good book.

While I normally enjoy a coffee to warm me up in the morning, afternoons now feature tea time, especially now that I work from home and need an excuse to get away from the computer for breaks!

I’ve been sampling different types of teas that I previously thought I didn’t care for. Adagio Teas has been instrumental in expanding my palate, offering samples of types and flavours that all turn out be delicious when brewed correctly. With a little education my tea appreciation has grown significantly, and I think teas are a great gift idea this holiday season.

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Give the gift of tea, and help your family and friends learn about and appreciate the many varieties and flavours of teas, right from the growers.

Adagio Teas, a family-owned business, sources its tea leaves directly from growers around the world. With a large selection of teas, they have put together some gift sets and ideas to help you choose the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life.

Advent Calendar with 24 different teas to enjoy throughout the holiday season. Photo by Jessica Foley.

If the countdown to Christmas is one of your favourite parts of the holiday season, consider brewing a different tea every day to celebrate with the Adagio Teas Advent Calendar. With flavours ranging from candy apple to rooibos nutcracker, every day is a delicious surprise.

As a mom, I enjoyed the advent last year, and taking part in the advent fun every morning before the kids headed off to school. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t drink the tea each day, but that just meant I still had treats to enjoy into January!

Something fun to gift to those still exploring teas and expanding their palates are Adagio’s sampler sets. Each sample box includes up to four teas, with about 10 servings per flavour. Seasonal teas, fruity blends, and teas from specific regions are among the sample box options. There’s something there for every tea drinker.

12 Days of Christmas gift set. Image via Adagio Teas

Another item that includes a variety of seasonal tea flavours is Adagio’s 12 Days of Christmas set. Intended as a gift for tea drinkers to enjoy into the new year, 12 Days comes in cute reusable tins that both create a scene when lined up together and can be hung on the Christmas tree as ornaments. According to Adagio, the tins contain their “most festive blends” including White Pear, Rooibos Peacan Turtle, Candy Cane, and more.

Besides tea, Adagio offers sweeteners, teaware and even some snacks to enjoy at teatime. I was gifted a ceramic infuser, and as a loose tea drinker now, it’s the perfect way to make my tea with minimal mess. The tea stays hot and the infuser basket fits perfectly and has plenty of room for the leaves to expand. Make sure you’re paying attention to the steeping times suggested on the teas if you’re using this type of infuser. I find they brew perfectly to the time stated on the packaging, but can oversteep easily as well.

Adagio Tea’s Reindeer Fuel, steeping in my ceramic infuser. Photo by Jessica Foley.

This year, as a gift with purchase, Adagio Teas is giving away Reindeer Fuel, “a limited edition blend specially formulated to give Santa’s team the caffeine boost they need to make it through the holiday season.”

The Reindeer Fuel is a seasonal blend of black tea, peppermint and chocolate flavours – very much Christmas in a cup! Starting November 15, 2021, Reindeer Fuel will be free with purchases over $75, and available to purchase as well.

Over the last year, I’ve learned a lot about teas, and my own preferences, thanks to Adagio Teas, and their collaboration with me as a writer. I’ve enjoyed seasonal teas, iced teas and a few gifts, and I can say that all the teas are always fresh and delicious.

If you have a tea lover on your list, they will enjoy a gift from Adagio Teas. Not sure what to buy? Gift cards are also available.

Join the conversation and share your favourite tea blends, or gift ideas, in the comments. Let’s explore the world of tea and be inspired by each other!

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