KidloLand App Review

KidloLand App Review

*I was approached by KidloLand to do an app review.  I received a free one year subscription.  All opinions in this review are mine or my daughters.*

KidloLandKidloLand is an app for small children.  I believe it’s marketed up to age 5, but my 7 year old enjoys it as well.  It’s something I prefer my kids to play in the other room.

The app is marketed as a learning tool, but from what I’ve watched the girls do it’s mostly songs and touching the characters to see what they do.  There are a LOT of songs and some activities: matching shapes to outlines, puzzles, and just games where you do things like touch the eggs a few times each until they hatch.  Rose loves it.  I don’t feel like she’s learning anything with this app but it’s an activity she can do unsupervised (there are no ads to accidentally touch) or with her older sister with minimal fighting.

There are so many different songs and activities I could leave my kids on the app for hours and they may not get bored with it.  I would get squirrley if I had to listen to it for a long time, but Rose enjoys touching all the accessory characters in the background of the songs.

I have an ASUS ZenPhone and the volume control on it is not easy.  As a result everything is always at the same volume, and rather than trying to turn it down by getting into the settings and everything I just send the kids to another room.  Then all I can hear is their far-off singing of every nursery rhyme or Christmas carol ever.

Being able to do an app review with my girls as the test market is great.  Neither of them have any negative impressions of this app.  Emma, the 7 year old, does get bored of it after a while, but she’s developmentally way ahead of this “preschool” style app.  Rose (who will be 5 next week) will just sit and play and play for ever – or until I give her the “time’s up!” look.

The girls can enjoy the app while I have my free subscription, but I won’t pay for it after that as the girls will both be overage for this type of stuff.  Next up will be math and reading apps for us!

Learn more about KidloLand here.


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