Miracle Months Review – A Pre & Post Natal Program

Miracle Months Review

I was approached by Libby to do a review of her pre and postnatal program and website called Miracle Months.  I was a little hesitant as it’s been 5+ years since I was pregnant, but Libby suggested I’d enjoy the interviews and general wellness points of the program.  Turns out she was right!  I signed up for her third trimester section and she took care of the payment portion.

*This program was provided to me free of charge so I could create an honest review – all opinions are my own.*

The first item I have to touch on is that these ladies are all Australian so I was immediately amused and happy to listen to their accented voices.  Having a workout, or a guided meditation, with an Australian leader is so much more relaxing and fun!

The programs are laid out into 4 trimesters – the last one is post-natal.  Each section costs the same ($69.95) and once your purchase one you have access to all the content for that sections, as well as the website, for 12 weeks.  I only reviewed the third trimester program but I’m sure the others work much the same way.

In this program you get an email every day for 2 weeks, and each email has at least 2 items to watch or follow through on.  As a working mom (and not being pregnant) I found it was a lot of material to get through every day.  There is also a “workbook” you get at the beginning of the course with a workout layout (which workout to do on which day, and which days are rest days, that sort of thing.)  It’s a well laid out course, just a bit over-full for my time availability right now.  Perhaps if I wasn’t already a parent I may have more time to browse and fully get into all the items provided to me in each email before the next email arrives.

After the initial 2 weeks a Miracle Months email comes once a week to keep you interested and remind you you can still access the website and videos for the remainder of your 12 weeks.  I think this is a great idea because once stuff like this is out of my awareness for a few days I tend to forget about it altogether – and I don’t even have “pregnancy brain” anymore (although I think sometimes “Mom brain” is an extension of that too…)

The workouts outlined in this program are great.  They use a lot of resistance band training which people can do with whatever resistance works for them.  The moves are designed to be easy to work with an ever-growing belly, and they are constantly discussing doing things at your own pace, don’t push yourself, and to take a break when you need it.  This is very important for ever tired pregnant ladies!

Miracle Months also has videos from a naturopath, a physiotherapist and some great healthy recipes to try.  All the segments are easy to follow and Libby also shares some articles from other ladies real life experiences.  Overall I would recommend this program to first pregnancy Mommas who want to be well informed about what is going on with, and in, their bodies.


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