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Lets talk about cleaning for a minute, shall we?  I’m going to be honest and say I don’t clean my house a lot.  My family and I are pretty untidy, but I try hard to not have the house be “dirty.”

When I was offered the chance to review a cleaning cloth I had mixed feelings.  Do I clean enough to know if a cleaning cloth is better or worse than my dishcloths or paper towels?  But I decided to give it a go.  Maybe it would be just the push I need to clean a little more often.

*I was provided with an e-cloth free of charge so I could use it and create this review.  All opinions are my own.*

The idea that I can clean up bacteria and other icky things with just a cloth and no cleaner is very appealing.  It seems like my home would be cleaner just by using this cloth instead of any other (dishcloth or paper towel.)  As a cleaning liquid I mainly only used dish soap, so there is a definite benefit to getting rid of the germs and stuff that dish soap wouldn’t necessarily clean so well.  I didn’t use many harsh chemicals before, and now I don’t have to and I will (hopefully) get the same result.

My Thoughts on the E-Cloth

Truth be told I don’t clean any more (or less) often with a cleaning cloth than I did with what I had before.  That being said, I do like the e-cloth.  It collects dust really when when it’s freshly cleaned and dried.  But after a bit of dusting it’s dirty, and rinsing it really doesn’t get that dust-dirt out.  You have to put the e-cloth in the washing machine to actually get it clean enough to dust with it again.

After a good dusting you can then wet the cloth and use it as a wet cleaning cloth for other uses besides dusting.  It picks up kitchen messes very well.  But after a big clean up the hot water rinse, as suggested in the paperwork, doesn’t really get it clean enough to use again.  (At least that’s my opinion.  If you can see the mess still on the cloth it’s not really clean, right?)  So again, it has to go into the washing machine.

Something I don’t care for is the need for a hot water wash.  I never wash anything in my washing machine on a hot setting.  For an “environmentally friendly” cloth, the need for a hot wash seems a bit odd to me.  Even the between wipe-ups suggestion is to rinse it out with hot water.  Sometimes my hot water takes a while to actually get hot.  So there’s a waste of water there too.  The hot water rinse (and washing machine wash) does really bring the cloth back to almost new, but it seems environmentally wasteful.

I do understand the science behind the hot water washing.  The cloth is supposed to literally scrape up the dirt and bacteria from surfaces with its millions of microfibers per square inch, so the hot water is going to allow the bacteria and dirt to release from the cloth.  I’m not convinced that happens all that well when I can still see the dirt on there.  Hence my feeling I need to throw it in the wash.  And then I’m not supposed to use fabric softener.  Again, I always use softener and I’m not likely to try to create a load of laundry that needs a hot wash with no softener.

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I’d be interested to give the glass cleaning cloth a try.  My windows never look clean, and if there was a way to just wipe them down without wasting paper towel and a lot of Windex, I’d totally go for that.  Especially if it leaves a streak-free shine!


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    1. It is hard to wrap your head around not using cleaners. All the literature says it picks up 99% of germs and bacteria. Hard to know for sure, though! Thanks for the comment Jayne!

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