Judy Luxury Designer Bracelet – A Review

Designer bracelet
*I was sent this Rose Gold designer bracelet for free to I could wear it and create this review. All opinions are my own, or those of my family.*

Judy Luxury sent me a beautiful rose gold designer bracelet.  A few of the elements on the bracelet are inlaid with what looks like mother-of-pearl, but I’m not sure.  I can’t find many real details about it on their website.  

Designer BraceletThis bracelet has one feature I really love.  It has 3 choices for doing it up.  That means I can wear it, and so can my daughters.  Sometimes I struggle with bracelets because I have large bones or something.  No bangles fit over my hands and some bracelets are very snug (and so don’t look right) on my wrists.  The photo is of Emma’s wrist with the bracelet on, done up on the tightest setting.  She says “It fits perfectly!”

I love the colour rose gold.  I feel like I can pretend it goes with everything.  (Though I think silver and gold go with everything too, so maybe style is not my strong suit.)  It’s an elegant and simple bracelet, and I think it would be comfortable for everyday wear.  Both Emma and I did notice the pieces flip over sometimes while wearing the bracelet, but I think that would happen with any bracelet of this style.

As far as navigating Judy Luxury’s website, I can’t really touch on that.  The company emailed with me directly so I did not place an order online.  I did go browse around, and it looks easy-to-use.  I’m going to share their About Us information with you, directly from the website: 

Catering to your requirements, handling your needs with care

Our store is more than just another average online retailer. We sell not only top quality products, but give our customers a positive online shopping experience. Forget about struggling to do everything at once: taking care of the family, running your business, walking your dog, cleaning the house, doing the shopping, etc. Purchase the goods you need every day or just like in a few clicks or taps, depending on the device you use to access the Internet. We work to make your life more enjoyable.

Judy Luxury Designer Bracelet - A ReviewI will say my interactions with my contact at the company were not overly helpful.  They shipped me the bracelet in a padded envelope, and in a regular jewellery box.  There was no paperwork inside the box or in the packaging anywhere.  Maybe if I had actually purchased it there would be a packing slip or receipt, but I actually struggled to remember the name of the company, or why I had gotten this package.

My daughters and I will enjoy wearing this designer bracelet.  It’s very unlikely I will order anything else from Judy Luxury – mostly because I’m not an online shopper.  I like physically seeing items before I purchase them.  The prices on Judy Luxury’s website are good, but the shipping is a lot, so if you’re going to order from them I’d suggest getting a few items at a time!


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