Norwex Cleaning Cloths Review

* I was provided with 2 Norwex cleaning cloths for free so I could use them and create this review.  All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. These commissions support A Modern Mom’s Life. Read my Disclosure for more information.*


I was approached, over Twitter, by an independant Norwex Sales Consultant.  She wanted to know if I’d like to try her Norwex cleaning cloths in exchange for a review.  I liked the idea so I said sure.  She then sent me 2 cloths, one for glass and one for all purpose cleaning.

The Norwex cleaning system is designed to clean all areas of your home without chemicals.  That sounds amazing to me!  Truth be told I don’t use a lot of chemicals in my cleaning life anyway, but these cloths are supposed to make cleaning quicker and easier.  I get the idea of these claims, but I find I need to work harder when cleaning with just a cloth and water.  My kids make a lot of sticky (think syrup) messes, and without a chemical (like dish soap) you really need to scrub to get that cleaned up!

NorwexThe all purpose cloth is very small.  I understand this is a new product for Norwex, and the one Danielle sent me is for reviewing purposes, and, as such, is 1/4 the size of the actual cloth.  That’s great and all but it’s so small I feel like it’s almost useless.  I really like the way it picks up dirt and spills but having a full sized cloth would have been nicer – I could get a real idea of how absorbent they really are and how easily they clean.  As it is I have to rinse it a lot and wash it more often in order to keep it clean for my cleaning purposes.

The glass cloth is also 1/4 the size for reviewing purposes.  This cloth must be very big as I have no problem using the Norwex cleaning cloth for glass and polishing.  I’m loving it for my mirrors.  My bathroom mirror is always covered in toothpaste and other ickyness and this cloth just wipes it all off with no streaks!

I actually tried both cloths for other bathroom cleaning.  If you are a regular reader of mine you’ll know I reviewed an e-cloth which is along the same lines as the Norwex cleaning cloths.  I mainly tried that cloth in the kitchen, but with the Norwex cloths I branched out to the bathroom.  As I said the glass cloth was great for the mirrors and ceramic areas.  I tried the general cleaning cloth in the bathroom enclosure.  It did get rid of some soap scum and spilled conditioner and soap.  It also took a lot of elbow grease to remove the built up soap scum on the shower walls.  It worked but I was exhausted and all I kept thinking was “Fantastic would have gotten this off in 2 minutes!”

If you’re interested in reading more about these cleaning cloths, the Norwex website can be found here.  Danielle made sure to tell me that Canadians need to find a rep in Canada to order from.  She is located in the United States and can represent anyone who would like to order any cloths in that country.  Norwex is also available through Amazon. Here’s the product listings for Norwex there.

After I took a good look around the website there are tons of neat items (like the dusting mitt!) I could likely make good use of in my home.  I encourage you to look around the website, or the Amazon page – it was easy for me to find sales reps in my area.  It’s also a company who does parties like PartyLite, Jamberry or Younique.  If you want to cut more chemicals from your day-to-day life I’d recommend checking out Norwex cleaning cloths.



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