Tiny Tutu Treasures by Studio Degas

Tiny Tutu Treasures Review

*Studio Degas sent me three Tutu Treasures free of charge to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own, or those of my daughters. Visit my Disclosure page for more information.*

Studio Degas is a small, home-based, family-run art studio in Kingston, Ontario. They create handmade objects, and educational and photographic digital downloads. I was asked to review a new product they have developed: Tiny Tutu Treasures.

Being a dance mom (and a dance class taker myself) I appreciate cute dance-style ornaments. Bonus points for local and handmade! These Tiny Tutus are absolutely adorable, and an amazing gift idea for dancers in your life.

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I asked Donna from Studio Degas about her business.

“I make a variety of handmade items, kaleidoscope floral and food images, and edu-printables (releasing in the fall school term)” She told me. “I work under the name of  Studio Degas – Degas represents our family first name initials and last name initial; Donna, Erik, Georgina, Alexander Seiffert.”

“The Tutus came about after making a 16th birthday present for my daughter.  She loves couture 1950’s fashion a la Audrey Hepburn.  I created a string of 16 dresses attached to fairy lights as a gift.  Two of the dresses were tulle cocktail dresses and I was reminded of the tutus I saw while at KSD (Kingston School of Dance, where her daughter danced and we currently dance), for the pointe dancers,” Donna explained. “I started studying how tutus are made and the intricate work that goes into the dresses.  I use various papers for the bodices, from pre-designed origami paper to hand-painted paper.  The bodices are decorated with bright glitters by hand. I am currently working on a Disney princess inspired line as well as a Hamilton line.”

“The idea for ornaments personalizing came from having a daughter with a unique name. I realized she would not be getting the average personalized gifts found on racks in many stores, and that I could get creative with personalized gifts.”

The arrival of our gifts

Studio Degas shipped our gifts, through Canada Post, on a Wednesday and they arrived on Friday. We are in the same city, so shipping may not be quite so quick if you’re ordering from elsewhere in Canada.

The tutus are packaged beautifully, and frugally. They arrive in a standard business envelope, securely packaged and tied with a lovely piece of ribbon. A small folded paper gives a little information on how to best refresh your treasure after it’s journey, as well the happy news that a portion of the sale is donated to the Cancer Centre of South Eastern Ontario.

Tiny Tutu Treasures Studio Degas

Inside this box, the treasure is flattened and encased in a small plastic bag. Tear into it gently and grasp the ornament where the tutu and bodice meet, for safest handling. Then gently fluff the tutu and your ornament is ready to be shown off.

What we thought of the tiny tutus

Tiny Tutu Treasures Studio Degas

My girls were surprised to receive these lovely gifts in the mail. Each ornament is personalized with the recipients name on a heart just above the bodice. The girls immediately hung their tiny tutu treasures in their bedrooms, and I did the same. They also want to hang them on the Christmas tree when that season rolls around again.

Tiny Tutu Treasures by Studio Degas

When I asked them their thoughts, I got “These are amazing!” and “I love it!” so that pretty much says it all.

If you’re searching for a meaningful gift for a ballerina in your life, Tiny Tutu Treasures may be just the thing. Visit their Etsy shop to see what they have available, and let me know if you do order some. I’d love to hear what you think of these treasures as well!


Enter the giveaway on my Facebook page for a chance to win your own personalized Tiny Tutu Treasures. An amazing gift for the dancer in your life!

Visit Studio Degas on Instagram and Pinterest for more images and handmade gift ideas. Then head over to their Etsy store to place an order.

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