prAna Review (& Discount Code!) – Versatile Clothing for Busy Moms

prAna Review (& Discount Code)

With our busy schedule, it’s important to me to dress nicely (for work) but comfortably (for being active and busy with the kids!)  I often struggle finding pants that fit right, or sweaters that aren’t too hot or too cold for the different places I am during the day.  When I was approached to do a clothing review I thought “Great! Maybe I will find something versatile for my all over the place life now.”

*Through the Mom Bloggers Club, I was shipped two items of clothing from prAna to wear and review.  I received these items for free in exchange for an honest review-style blog post.  All opinions are my own, or those of my family.*

Before I was asked to review these products I had no knowledge of prAna.  I had heard or seen the name, but it was filed away in my “too expensive”/”I won’t like the clothes” section of my mind.  But guess what? I LOVE the clothes!  (Make sure you read through to the end to find my discount code* for your next prAna purchase.)

I chose 2 items that I thought would work well together: the Deedra Sweater Tunic and Caraway Tights.  

Deedra Tunic Sweater (Dark Plum):

PrAna Review - Deedra Tunic SweaterThis sweater is amazing.  It’s warm and comfy, but not too hot.  It does have a small percentage of wool in it (which makes it warm!) so there is a very tiny scratchy feel, but that didn’t bother me.  I wore a top underneath – mostly because I was afraid I would get too hot at work – and I was comfortable all day.

It’s also washer and dryer safe – which is good because I never follow any alternate washing instructions.  Everything I own goes through the washer and dryer.  Okay, I make exceptions for the dryer, but I don’t hand wash anything!

I will admit I’m not too crazy about the longer-in-the-back style on tops, but I had a lot of compliments on this sweater.  I think maybe it’s that I feel it’s drawing more attention to my butt when cut this way, but it’s comfortable to sit down in, with the longer back and short slits up the side.


Caraway Tights (Black Birdeye):

PrAna Review - Caraway TightsI was sure these tights would be too long for me.  But I noticed in the photo, while deciding what to order, that they didn’t quite come down to the model’s ankles.  That’s a good sign for me, because I am short and no pants ever fit me right.  But these pants do!  The length is perfect for me – I didn’t want to show off my ankles anyway!

The best part of these pants, for me, is that they are high rise.  They come up to my navel, which is perfect to hide my “mom bulge” and keep a smooth front for my shirts to lay on.  They can still create a smidge of muffin top, so I have to be sure to adjust them when I switch from standing to sitting, or vice versa.

These tights are also washer/dryer safe, and they came out as perfect as they went in.  The top waistband has an elastic in it, and that came out flat and as before as well.  Sometimes these type of “tight pants” end up with a loose top, or a twisted elastic.  While I have only washed these once so far, I don’t think that will be the case at all with these prAna clothes!

The company:

It was interesting to learn more about prAna as a company.  Comfort and sustainability are very important to the founders of prAna.  They set out to design better clothing for yoga and climbing than what was available on the market in the early 90s.  Read more about their roots on the prAna website.

As a mom, it’s important to me that we are doing what we can to help the Earth.  I realize that’s a really broad statement, and that I really could be doing more than I am right now, but I’ve started paying more attention to things like being locally made, using recycled materials, and all that jazz.  I was surprised to read that prAna has a very strong sustainability ethic.  Visit their sustainability page to see what steps they take to ensure they are making great quality clothing in way everyone can feel good about.  Or watch this video:


How do I feel about prAna overall?

prAna Review (& Discount Code)While I won’t deny their items are a little above what I like to spend on clothing, I do love the prAna outfit I was given.  If the clothes last through many wash cycles and I’m still enjoying them in a year or more I would say they are a great investment.  If you are interested in trying out prAna for yourself (or you already love them!) I have been given a discount code to share with you!  Use code MBCJFF17 at the checkout and get 15% off* your next order at

Do you have a favourite outfit or item from prAna?  I’d love to know what it is (and how it fits!)  I’m so leery of purchasing clothing online, but when I read real reviews or recommendations from people I know and trust it makes it easier for me to decide what to buy!  So please do share your experiences with me in the comments.


*Offer available until Nov 24/2017

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  1. You totally rocked that outfit Jess, and depending on their sizing I might order something if they have clothing for plus size, if not my loss I guess.

  2. I got the same outfit just in charcoal and cargo green! I love it. So cozy and easy to run around in. 🙂
    I love your honest mom photo at the top there. <3 Let's be honest…I wear my activewear for laundry and chores much more than exercise.

  3. I love Prana clothes. I wonder if they have delivery in the UK too. I think you rock Jess! I wear leggings all the time. & I love wearing them for Yoga too. 🙂
    Thanks for the discount code and Prana’s clip – it is very interesting to learn more about them. Thanks for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost x

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