Mom Anxiety: She’s So Different from Me!

I am struggling with something I had barely thought about when my girls were babies and toddlers: Helping someone navigate the world of school and social interactions when they are completely different from me. As a child I was quiet and fairly shy, but smart and eager to learn. I now have two daughters who […]

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5 Steps for Talking to Your Daughter About Puberty

5 Steps for Talking to your Daughter About Puberty

*5 Steps for Talking to your Daughter About Puberty is a guest post. If you are interested in writing for A Modern Mom’s Life, please visit my Guest Posting page.* Adolescence is a very significant time in every girl’s life. What happens at this stage could possibly impact them for the rest of their life. As a parent, […]

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Milestones We Love But Are Rarely Celebrated

Milestones we love

As our children grow we celebrate so many milestones.  But once they’ve begun to walk and talk, it seems the celebrating stops.  I want to keep noticing, and talking about, the mini milestones that keep happening through our parenting lives. My daughters are much older now, but there are still little things that happen in […]

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