Let’s lose the provocative parenting labels: you do you

cheerful mother and daughter having fun on bed at home

How do you parent? Do you let your kids run amok (free-range parenting), or do you schedule their every moment while standing very nearby (helicopter parenting)? Are you a “gentle” parent, “attachment” parent, “crunchy” parent, “authoritative” parent? And does it really matter? I recently read an article about “puddle parents”: “Puddle parents encourage their children […]

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I’m leaving perfection behind

leaving perfection behind

This year I turn forty. That’s four decades lived. I’ve grown two humans inside my body, and learned many things over the years, including Everything changes, There’s never enough time, and Perfection is a myth. I’ve been doing so many things. Parenting, working full time, blogging, writing for others, maintaining a home and a marriage, […]

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