How to make self care a priority in your busy life

make self care a priority

We’re all familiar with the phrase “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” That’s because it’s true. If we don’t recharge our bodies and minds, we can’t give support to others who depend on us. This is particularly important right now. While we are all muddling through the “what’s next” of pandemic living, many of […]

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What To Do When Life Gives You the Unexpected

What to do when life gives you the unexpected

Maybe, in a perfect world, everything would be planned out for you ahead of time. There would be no surprises. This world is far from perfect, however, and life often throws you into unexpected situations. Maybe you are lucky, and find some extra money outside your car in a parking lot. For some people, though, […]

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Surviving Covid 19 with Tweens

We’re well into this pandemic in Canada now, and what a crazy time it is. Government officials are speaking to us every day. Numbers are thrown around in ways that are often hard to visualize. Our futures are completely unknown. When will school continue? Will it resume this year at all? Are we flattening the […]

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