Green Jobs for Teens

Green jobs for teens

*Green Jobs for Teens is a guest post. If you are interested in writing for A Modern Mom’s Life, please visit my Guest Posting page. * Living greener has become a passion for the younger generations. They see the damage done to the environment, and they want to reverse it. Your teenager has already hassled the […]

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How can we battle the dreaded overwhelm?

Families today lead very busy lives. The pressure to “do it all” is overwhelming. Do you ever stop and think about all the things we are expected to do in our lives? Make sure the kids get so many minutes of active time, outdoor time, learning time, chore time, and down time. Be sure you’re […]

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Trying Again: A Struggle with Secondary Infertility

A struggle with secondary infertility

*Trying Again: A Struggle with Secondary Infertility is a guests post. If you are interested in writing for A Modern Mom’s Life, please visit my Guest Posting page. * Our first born, a beautiful blue-eyed girl, was a complete surprise. We were recently married, elbow-deep in-home renovations, and completely shell-shocked when an adorable smiley face popped […]

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Mom Anxiety: She’s So Different from Me!

I am struggling with something I had barely thought about when my girls were babies and toddlers: Helping someone navigate the world of school and social interactions when they are completely different from me. As a child I was quiet and fairly shy, but smart and eager to learn. I now have two daughters who […]

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Easy Ways to Become a Better Photographer

Become a Better Photographer

Photography is a hobby of mine.  It’s also a necessity in my life as a blogger.  And I love capturing moments with my family and friends. I am nowhere near a professional photographer – in fact I still consider myself quite amateur.  But that hasn’t stopped me from learning how to use my camera and […]

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