Buskers Rendezvous 2016

Edit: here’s my gallery of photos I took while I was hanging out with Emma watching Buskers this year! 

Every summer since I was a kid I’ve looked to forward to the Buskers Rendezvous!  My grandparents used to take me (and my sister) when we were “tweens”.  When I got older and started going to Queen’s University I started dragging my university friends.  I’m still dragging family and friends along whenever I can, but now I have 2 daughters who seem to also share my enthusiasm for them!

I feel the summer is going to fly by.  First it’s Canada Day weekend, then Buskers the very next weekend!  I’m looking forward to it this year, as every year.  July 7th to 10th the streets of downtown Kingston will have performers everywhere!  Sections of streets will be closed down (not for construction this time!), Market Square has bleachers for watching, and there will be kids activities during the afternoons.  It’s so much fun!

Update for 2017: Here is the link to this year’s Buskers Rendezvous! 

My workplace – Quarry Medical Pharmacy – has been sponsoring the Buskers for many years.  I think I’m the only one that works there who really takes advantage of the free (donations suggested) events of the Buskers, but as a vibrant downtown store we really try to support the community.  The store supports many other events and local organizations (my dance school being one!)  We also give great directions to travellers (or locals who can’t find what they’re looking for) and recommendations for restaurants.  Did you know Kingston has the most eateries per capita?  I think that’s a cool Kingston fact – and a total tangent to this post.  Sorry!

The schedule of events for the Buskers can be found here.  I’m not sure yet when we’ll be taking the girls down.  This is also one of the few weeks in the summer that Movies in the Square doesn’t go on because of another event.  I always want to check out the fire show on the Saturday night, but 10pm is too late for my young daughters.  I know in a few years they’ll be ready, and I can’t wait!

Face Paint at Buskers RendezvousLet me know if you’re going to check out the Buskers Rendezvous this year.  We’re always watching for people we know when we’re out and about.  I’m actually astounded at the number of people my kids know and see all over town.  I’m going to try to get some photos this year.  And if my kids find DJ the Face Painter they’ll wait patiently in her line for sure.  We did last year!

Enjoy your summer, however you choose to spend it.  And let me know if there are other upcoming events I should post about.  There is always a ton of things going on around town and I can’t keep up with it all!  If you’d like to work with my on promotions for local events or attractions, check out my Work With Me page or contact me at modernmom@jessicafoley.ca


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