Spring Fashion Show 2016

On April 2nd, 2016 the Spring Fashion Show took place at the Cataraqui Centre.  Emma was chosen from her audition to model an outfit from Hudson’s Bay.  We had to go buy her a new pair of shoes to compliment the dress, but who doesn’t love a little shoe shopping?  She loved this outfit – it was a little sad, putting it back on the hanger to return to the store.

Being at the mall all day on a Saturday is not my idea of a great day.  But it’s worth it to see my girl enjoying herself, and representing Mode Elle so confidently.  Emma has done one previous fashion show at the mall for Mode Elle, but this time her smile was brighter and her walk more self assured.  Friends and family came to watch her “perform.”  Even they commented on how confident and happy she looked.  Emma told me she had more fun this time.  It makes me happy seeing her do something she truly loves.

Emma Spring Fashion Show 2016

The folks at Mode Elle posted a great photo album of the Spring Fashion Show on Facebook.  Emma can be found in some of the pictures, but unfortunately no runway shots.  Photo credits go to my dad for the pictures I’ve displayed in this post.  Having to be with Emma during changing and waiting means I don’t always get a good seat for the show.  I did take a ton of pictures but Mode Elle’s album showcases the models much better.

If you’re interested in looking at Emma’s work in the Fall Fashion Show 2015, head to my old blog space – here’s the link to the post: http://2-talented-daughters.blogspot.ca/2015/09/fall-fashion-show-2015.html.  I’ve moved away from Blogger to this more exciting WordPress blog builder, but all my old posts are going to stay there, for now at least.

If you would like more information on Emma, click her name.  I’ve set up a page that I will keep updated with her stats and how to contact us for bookings or other information.

Thanks for reading – we’ll hope Emma gets more opportunities in the modelling and acting world that I can share with you all!  If you want to keep in touch, put your name and email in the sign up box in the sidebar (or at the bottom if you’re on your phone) and you’ll get a weekly letter from me.


Update: Before the fall fashion show we had a little falling out with Mode Elle.  We didn’t feel we were being treated fairly and they didn’t feel like answering my questions and as a result they “let us go.”  Please read about it here.  If you are thinking of approaching a modelling or talent agency, please do your homework and research the company fully.  On the surface Mode Elle looked wonderful, but it turned out they were not what we were looking for.

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  1. She looks just adorable!! You must be one super proud mum!! She certainly looks very confident and like she’s having a fabulous time, in those photos! It’s great that you’ve found something she enjoys doing so much! I’m sure she will enjoy much future success! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

    1. I was impressed with this show. Last fall she participated in the fashion show as well, but she was not nearly so relaxed. I’m glad to see her self confidence increasing! Thanks for your comment.

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