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Raising Girls 3I am 36 and I have two children.  They intuitively know how to use computers, tablets, and smartphones.  Soon they will surpass my abilities with any and all new technology.  My husband works in the technology field, but I feel they will approach his abilities at some point as well – or at least pass him in their ability to adapt to new technology more quickly.  It’s quite scary, really.  And it comes full circle, meaning I know more than my parents do, and I can (usually) pick up on the newer stuff more quickly than them as well.  I guess it’s all to be expected.

Being semi-technology savvy, there are still some things I don’t “get” with current technology and devices:

  1. Do people actually respond to text messages in a timely fashion?  I thought text messaging was supposed to be quick, short, and precise.  I often respond to a message within minutes, and then wait hours (if not days) for any sort of reply.  I’d much rather email where I can be more wordy and fun (you know, smiley faces and such) than trying to cram my message into a short text.  I know, old fashioned much?
  2. And what’s with e-reading?  Hand me a book and a comfy chair – maybe throw in a coffee, or glass of wine – and I’m a very happy camper.  I even discovered some cotton gloves that I can put on in the evening after I apply my nice heavy lotion so I can continue reading without getting my book greasy until I can’t keep my eyes open.  Try using a digital product with gloves on – doesn’t work so well!  I get the convenience of digital reading, but I just can’t get into it.  To be fair, I’ve never tried reading on a paperwhite style reader – I hear they’re easier to look at for a longer timespan.  But still, back to old fashioned me, with my love of all things books!
  3. Technology And This Modern MomOnline shopping – especially for clothes or shoes.  Unless you’re going to come get my rejects that I can’t possible wear, I don’t want to order from you.  I am no normal size for anything – pants, shoes, dresses, coats – petite doesn’t always work (I’m 5’2″), and I don’t like the idea of ordering 4 of the same thing in different sizes, hoping one will fit.  I do get online shopping for books, cds, games, and toys, you know, the things you’re already familiar with.  But I also like going to the store for that stuff – I guess I just hate clothes shopping all around.

I’m sure there are more things that I don’t “get” about today’s modern world.  Like why do smartphones keep getting bigger?  If you want a tablet, get a tablet.  And then there’s tablets – isn’t that why they made laptops?  To have a portable computer?  I don’t like “writing” on a touch screen.  Keyboards all the way for this gal.

Frankly I’m a little nervous about where the tech is going, and whether or not I’ll be able to keep up!  I guess it’s good I made two babies who will have to grow up and teach me about the new technology that’ll be straightforward for them, but ancient Greek to me.

What do you struggle with as far as technology goes?  Anything irk you like it does me?  Share with me in the comments – I love hearing your opinions!


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  1. Oh I am right there with ya on this! Both of my boys know more about technology than I do and I’m pretty tech-savvy myself but I also would much rather have an actual book in my hands than a machine. I think it just takes away from the whole experience of reading and the feel of a book and having that coffee or wine. Give me a real book any day. However, I am looking into publishing (but first I have to write it) E-book so I am being a bit contradictory, LOL! Popping over from #bigpinklink

    1. Ha ha ha! Thanks for the comment – I’d bet a lot of moms are feeling the sensation of kids surpassing parents in all things tech. It’s a natural progression, otherwise we’d be a stagnant society, right?
      I hope my girls inherit my love of books, but they do love their tablets/smartphones (the don’t have their own, they use ours and they use tablets at school!) for apps and stuff. Your comment about hoping to publish an e-book made me laugh. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. I’m glad I was able to share my gloves idea with you! I had received a manicure set one Christmas and it came with these great gloves that I had never used. They work really well! I’m sure any cotton glove would work, but these ones must have a little spandex – they’re snug fitting – perfect for turning pages!
      Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  2. It gets silly doesn’t it? I also hate ordering online, I usually end up going to the shop to return the lot anyway! My kids are so tech savvy. They will be teaching me soon! Thanks for linking! #bigpinklink

    1. I don’t really know who they make clothes for – and who is successful at ordering online with few returns. But such is the life of “average” folks I guess. Thanks for stopping by (and hosting the linkup!)

  3. The thing thats getting me is not so much the tech, more the language thats forming with it! My teen literally speaks another language in her msgs and the pre-teen is not far behind.. it takes my brain a minute or two to catch up! I wrote a post recently about it called ‘technology and teens’ it will tell you all about whats to come lol.

    Although I must admit I do love my kindle! so easy to use and fits better in my handbag haha! #puddinglove

    1. I can’t imagine what the techno-lingo is (and will be) when my kids get to texting and all that. I already find myself looking up things like IMHO and IRL – I know it’s only going to get worse. I’m also someone who has a lot of issues with using 2 instead of to and R instead of are – that’s not going to get any better I’m sure…
      Thanks for the comment!

  4. I find it really scary how technological our children are. Youngest expects EVERYTHING to be touch screen and she can navigate a mobile quicker than me. It’s really sad though too as I worry about them not having the carefree childhood that I used to have. I am sure that they must all play out less etc. I am very behind when it comes to technology, it is a miracle I even have a blog!

    1. Yes – everything is imagined to be touch screen. Sometimes tantrums occur (or did when they were younger) when you try to show them how to use the mouse! I think there’s a fine line somewhere between technology and the “free” lifestyle we grew up in. I try really hard to get my kids to explore and play untethered to any screens, and even untethered to me. Childhood is changing and I’m not sure I like it. I want my girls to grow up playing in parks and outside with their friends until the streetlights come on. I’m doing an ok job so far, but as they get older and fill their days with more homework and extracurriculars I know “free” time is going to be harder to come by. But I think that could be fodder for another post! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. My son can do stuff on my iPad that I have no idea how to achieve! Saying that my husband and I are total tech-geeks, we love gadgets. But like you I don’t get why smartphones keep getting bigger, how are you supposed to hold that up to your ear for the hour long phone call with your Mum?! Thanks for linking up. #PuddingLove

  6. I loved the bit about why are smartphones getting bigger- why not buy a tablet? I am with you on the book one too- so much better to have the actual book in your hand – a solid object with a cover to remember- if I read on my kindle I also forget the name of the book I am reading!! I don’t think it wrong to long for the old fashioned days! #BloggerClubUK

    1. Thanks Lou! I do still like the idea of phone for phone calls, but I am totally attached to my smartphone now. Still can’t get into that digital reading world though.

  7. Oh dear, I think I might be the only one to write a different comment. E-Readers are amazing on holiday. I used to go through so many books (before child!) that taking them all was a nightmare – My Kindle was a God send. Loads of books that takes up the space of less than one normal one. I do still like the feel of a proper book but they’re so handy to have.
    I have an iPhone 6 Plus and I love the size of it. I could never go back to a smaller screen. And I do have an iPad. It’s handy to do stuff on the go sometimes, but having said that, my three year old probably uses it more than me! 😀
    I love modern technology but I’m sure there will come a time when I feel it’s getting too much. Always interesting to hear other people’s views on it. #bloggerclubuk

    1. Opinions are what make the world go ’round Jaki. I’m always accepting of differing thoughts! I do see how having an e-reader cuts down on physically lugging books around. I have also become quite addicted to my smartphone after some serious hesitations about getting one. The new technology becomes mainstream so quickly we almost have no recourse but to accept it! Thank you for the comment. 😀

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