Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Did you know that almost 1.4 billion people spend time on Facebook EVERY DAY?  That’s incredible! 

What does that mean for you as a business owner?  You can reach a TON of new customers and clients with properly targeted Facebook ads!

I can work with you to tap into the potential of Facebook as a marketing tool.  And because I’m still in the start-up phase of my business I need YOU to help me get my name out there!


We will work closely together to target an appropriate customer base with Facebook ads:

You will have the tough job of telling me about your business, sharing your amazing website, Facebook page, and images, as well as your preferred demographics.

I will do the hard work of creating an ad and maintaining it while it’s live. 

You will add me to your Facebook page as an Editor (I can show you how) so I have access to your images and posts and can provide you the best possible ad services.

I will NEVER alter your page without your consent.


If you’re still not convinced your customer base is even ON Facebook, check out this article from WordStream full of amazing statistics about Facebook (and who is, and isn’t, using it!)


Facebook Ad Managers can have a hefty fee attached.  Because I am a start up ad manager, my fee is reasonable, and scaleable.  I can create multiple ad packages, or we can start with one ad to get our feet wet.

I am offering my services to you at a low cost right now, because I want to build my portfolio.  

For the first 5 clients ready to work with me, I am offering  50% off my service fee.  If you want to get ahead of the curve, contact me by filling out the form below.


Facebook Ads not your thing? (They should be!)  Visit my Work With Me page for other ways we can work together!


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