Social Media Management

increase blog viewsHow’s your social media strategy? (Do you HAVE a social media strategy?) 


Are you having trouble getting your posts in front of the right audience?  


Let me help you!


I can create and schedule posts for your social media pages, boost your Facebook page posts, or create ads on popular social media networks.

I can show you how to automatically get your blog posts posted to social media profiles the minute they’re published. (This requires a plugin on your WordPress site, but I can do that for you too!)  


Social media management can mean many things.

As a blogger I have tons of experience sharing, and creating engagement, on social media.  I want to help you get more successful online as well.  I’m still working on “packages” but we can discuss what you’d like me to help you with. 


Do you have a Facebook page for your blog or business? 

FB is my number one referrer (after Google) for my own blog.  I love using FB to share my own content, as well as other relevant articles or memes.  

I would love to help you set up a FB page to get your name out there.  If you already have a page, you can hire me as an admin to look over your page, edit pieces as necessary, and help you find that relevant content to share with your audience.


Try me out for a short campaign, or have me work for you on an ongoing basis.  My rates and hours are flexible and I always aim to please!


Contact me at to discuss this opportunity further.  I look forward to hearing from you!