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With Mother’s Day being last weekend I slacked off in all areas – including blogging!  So this next instalment of my Working Mom Series is a week earlier than I had planned.  Truth be told, it was quick and easy to get this post set up – all the hard work was already done!  All the other posts waiting in my drafts need some serious work to be post-able.  So today, enjoy reading about Brenda from Brenda Loves Sharing and how she deals with being a working mom!

Describe your home life – how old are your kids? Does your spouse work as well? Or are you a single parent? 

I have 3 kids – a 20 year old son, 18 year old daughter and a 10 year old son. My husband works as a lead software engineer. He works a lot of hours!

What do you do? Describe your working life.

I am a substitute teacher. Sometimes I know weeks in advance if I’m going to be working, and other times I don’t know until the night before or even the morning of. The other day I picked up a job 1 minute before it was time to wake up my son, so I had to change into my work clothes very quickly! 

And how many hours do you work in a week?

The hours I work is varied. A whole day subbing is 7.5 hours and a half day is 3.75 hours. Some weeks I work a whole day every day, and other weeks, I only work a day or two.

How soon did you return to work after having a child?  And is your work life the same now (same job, or role at that job?)

After having my older 2 kids, I stayed home until my daughter was in first grade. Then, I started subbing, but only at their school. When my younger son was born, I stayed home again. I also returned to work when he was in first grade, although now I’ve had to branch out and sub at multiple schools, to pay for our 2 older kids to go to college. 

What do you do to treat yourself?  Do you have something in your routine that you do just for you?

I don’t do anything to treat myself nor have anything in my routine that I do just for me. I’m too busy doing things around the house for my family and my blog to have any time for myself.

Touch on your most and least favourite things about being a working parent.

My most favourite thing about being a working mom is being able to help pay for my kids to go to college. They worked hard in school to attend a university and I like being able to help them achieve their dreams. My least favourite thing about being a working mom is I am exhausted and never have time to get everything done when I get home.

What are your goals going forward?

My goals going forward are to monetize my blog to make up for my lack of subbing jobs, and finding time to do it all!

Any tips to share for balance in your life?

The only tip I have is to make sure and find some time to relax every day, even if it’s just a few minutes. I get to watch tv for about 40 minutes at the end of the day, but at least it’s some down time.

My name is Brenda. I am a Christian mom from California, with 3 children ages 20, 18, and 10. I am also a substitute teacher.  I love to review products, host giveaways, talk about my family, deals and a heart healthy life on my blog Brenda Loves Sharing. A fun fact: I’m fluent in American Sign Language and interpret at my church.






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