How We Reduce our Waste as a Family

Reduce Our Waste

Being environmentally conscious is very important to me.  And it’s a cause I hope my children will hold close to their hearts.  If we’re not looking after the Earth it won’t look after us. Growing up my parents were also very forward thinking, environmentally.  We had a big garden, a compost heap, and we reused […]

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7 Back To School Tips From A Working Mom

Back to School Tips from a Working Mom

My life as a working mom doesn’t change much from school year to summer, and back again.  We still get up routinely, get out the door, collect the kids after camp, and make dinner after long days at work.  The days have a little less structure, and we do take some time off, but really […]

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Milestones We Love But Are Rarely Celebrated

Milestones we love

As our children grow we celebrate so many milestones.  But once they’ve begun to walk and talk, it seems the celebrating stops.  I want to keep noticing, and talking about, the mini milestones that keep happening through our parenting lives. My daughters are much older now, but there are still little things that happen in […]

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5 Things to do After Your Child is Sick

After your child is sick

As a mom, watching my girls suffer through an illness is heartbreaking.  Thankfully, now that they are older, we can usually get through it with communication and a few naps.  But what about after your child is sick? I’m sharing some of the cleaning tips I use to (hopefully) avoid anyone else getting sick.  Truth […]

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