Bedtime Routines In Our House

Bedtime Routine

As a Mom, and as a person with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, I am so interested and amazed by the differences in my daughters.  While they look similar, they are almost as different as night and day.  Their personalities, preferences (food especially!), and just general attitudes are so dissimilar.  I had created a […]

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My Kids Watch Crap On YouTube


Are your kids old enough to read and spell?  If they are, chances are they also watch crap on YouTube. As a blogger I’m finding I need to also know something about photography.  Someone gave me the brilliant suggestion to go to YouTube and watch videos.  What a great idea!  So I thought I’d take […]

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Learning about Moro Reflex

This summer I’m learning about the Moro Reflex.  This is the startle reflex that newborn babies have which causes them to fling out their arms (and legs) and then immediately pull them back in.  If you’re a parent you’ve likely seen your baby do this.  It’s totally normal and natural and occurs when the baby […]

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What I Really Do When The Kids Are Away

This Canada Day weekend my mother-in-law took the girls to my sister-in-laws for a few days.  (Thanks Mary!)  In the past we’ve gone to Cornwall to meet up with them for part of the weekend (the part we don’t have to work) but we didn’t do that this year.  This year we had a long […]

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Makeup and Oily Skin

I am 36 years old and I’ve been a Mom for almost 8 years now.  And I’ve had acne since I was likely 12.  My skin, as a young teen, was awful.  I had acne vulgaris (sounds bad, right?) and I will never outgrow pimples, blackheads, or the scars of constantly poking at my face. […]

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Mode Elle

My daughter, Emma, has been with the Mode Elle modelling and talent agency for just over a year now.  She’s done two (unpaid) fashion shows here at the mall and one impromptu My Little Pony clothing advertising which Rose got to participate in as well (similar to a fashion show and also unpaid, although they […]

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